Explore your Future in STEM at Burnley College

Medical Biology Lab

Burnley College is inviting people from around Lancashire to explore its state-of-the-art Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) facilities.

The open house event will allow people who have an interest in taking up a career in STEM to explore our cutting-edge laboratories, advanced simulation suites and innovative technology workshops.

Since 1834, Burnley College has been at the forefront of innovation and progress, playing a pivotal role in the development of STEM education and working as key partner with local industry.

Burnley College is honoured to be the only Further Education/Higher Education Institute in England accredited by the Royal Society of Biology for our Bioscience degree programmes, highlighting our dedication to academic excellence and professional development.

Head of Science, Health and Education at Burnley College, Humera Khan says:

“From our roots in the Industrial Revolution to our cutting-edge facilities today, we have always been at the forefront of innovation.

“Our new STEM facilities are designed to provide unparalleled opportunities for students and professionals to thrive.

“This event is an opportunity for anyone with an interest in these fascinating fields to explore everything we have to offer.”

Attendees can expect:

  • Live Demonstrations: Experience our specialised laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art DNA amplification tools and the £70,000 Anatomage Table that offers interactive 3D models of human anatomy
  • Simulation Suites: Discover the capabilities of our Sim Suite, a simulated hospital environment with AI-enabled mannequins that replicate human behaviours and symptoms
  • Advanced Technology Workshops: Explore our Security Operations Centre where learners tackle real-time cyber threats, and our Lancashire and Cumbria Institute of Technology Workshop featuring advanced CNC machines and Industry 4.0 automation technologies
  • 3D Printing Lab: See the latest in additive manufacturing with our range of 3D printing machines, capable of working with various materials, including polymers and metal.

Humera says it’s an opportunity for people to explore their options too:

 “Whether you’re starting your journey in STEM, considering a career change, or looking to advance your career, Burnley College offers the support and resources you need to succeed.

“We are excited to unveil these facilities and invite you to be part of our vibrant community.

“Whether you’re leaving further education, contemplating a new career in teaching, or seeking to advance in your current industry, Burnley College provides a dynamic environment that fosters innovation and growth.”

It takes place on Saturday 15 June from 10:00am-1:00pm at the College’s Princess Way Campus. There’s free parking and refreshments including breakfast.

You can book at burnley.ac.uk/whats-on/events/stem-inspo-event

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