From Strength to Strength – Burnley College grows fitness education opportunities with new degree programme

Burnley College is proud to announce its latest endeavour in providing cutting-edge educational opportunities to students with the launch of a new Strength and Conditioning Degree Programme.

This groundbreaking initiative has been made possible through a industry-leading partnership with the UK Strength and Conditioning Association (UKSCA), solidifying Burnley College’s commitment to excellence in sport and fitness education.

The new Strength and Conditioning Degree Programme aims to equip students with the essential knowledge, skills, and practical experience required for a successful career in the dynamic field of strength and conditioning.

By collaborating with the pre-eminent professional body for strength and conditioning (UKSCA), Burnley College ensures students receive worldclass education and training aligned with industry standards.

On completion the course aims to create industry-ready practitioners.

Ashley Alderson, Head of Fitness Evolution says:

“We’re extremely excited to be able to offer students further opportunities when pursuing a career with the field of strength and conditioning.

“Being a licensed partner of the UKSCA is a huge honour for Burnley College as it allows us to work with the one of the most prestigious professional bodies for strength and conditioning practitioners in the UK”.

Through this programme, students will have the opportunity to delve into the scientific principles of strength and conditioning, including biomechanics, exercise physiology, strength training, conditioning, injury prevention, nutrition, performance testing, and much more.

They will also gain industry recognised certification and have relevant work experience.

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