INGMETAL choose independent NC code checking software – VERICUT


INGMETAL s.r.o. is a dynamically developing company, which since its establishment in 1990 has been engaged in mechanical engineering production with a focus on complex and precision parts. As a member of the HIRSCH servo Group, INGMETAL employs 79 people, including 25 designers and technologists, and specialises in the production of expanded polystyrene and polypropylene moulds.

Martin Stredňák, Programmer at INGMETAL confirms, “Our company officially became a member of HIRSCH Servo Group in April 2022 and our customers are companies such as HIRSCH group, Synprodo, HSV, Izoblok, Schaumaplast Germany, Grupor, JAS plastic.”

In its 1700m² production facility located in Petrovany, Slovakia, INGMETAL operates 6 modern milling centers and produces an average of 200 moulds per year. The technology department consists of a team of 10 technicians who work with 3 different CAM systems to produce NC code for the machine tools.

In the past, the machine shop had suffered machine collisions, downtime, and re-machining of pieces due to the complexity and variety of the parts being produced. “So, we started looking for a solution” added Martin Stredňák. “We wanted an independent NC code checking software.”  After looking to the market and attending presentations and trainings in two different software companies, INGEMETAL ultimately selected VERICUT CNC simulation, verification and optimisation software. In 2021 they engaged AXIOM TECH (VERICUT reseller) to acquire and install VERICUT into the machining processes for NC code simulation and verification.

VERICUT Simulation and Verification

VERICUT software detects errors, possible collisions, and potential inefficiencies in CNC machining. Unlike CAM simulation, which only simulates the toolpaths and not the actual NC data, VERICUT checks the actual NC code that is running the machines, giving a true virtual machine and a 3D machining digital twin.

VERICUT can simulate any CNC machine, regardless of manufacturer and can seamlessly integrate with all CAM systems. Interfaces ensure that VERICUT integrates into the customer’s specific software manufacturing environment. The simulation software is completely independent of the controller, CAM system and CNC machine used.

VERICUT Force Optimisation

The next logical step for INGMETAL was to purchase the VERICUT Force module, which analyses the NC code to further optimise machining processes, resulting in significant time savings and improved tool life.

VERICUT Force is a physics-based software module for optimising NC programs. It is used to analyse the cutting conditions during the entire NC program operation. In particular, the maximum reliable feed rate for a given cutting condition is determined based on the load on the cutting edge, spindle power and the maximum chip thickness. Martin Stredňák confirms, “this allows us to speed up or smooth the toolpath and thus reduce the machining time.” Over a period of 2 years of using VERICUT Force, INGMETAL has seen a saving in machining time of between 15 and 25% depending on the produced part complexity.

Martin Stredňák concludes, “Thanks to innovation and continuous improvement in the technological production of moulds for EPS and EPP moulding and shape complex parts, we are recognised players on the European and world market. We owe our innovation to VERICUT, which is the key to our fast and reliable machining of parts”.

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