National Engineering Competition Finalist Shares the Secrets of his Success


Entering a worldwide competition like WorldSkills takes passion, dedication and skill.

So when Themis Apprentice Josh Lamb entered the prestigious worldwide competition, we knew that success was guaranteed.

After he secured silver in the national finals, we talked to Josh to delve into his journey, how he overcame challenges and the role Themis and Burnley College played in his success.

WorldSkills organizes competitions around the whole globe in skills as varied as Plumbing to Beauty, Cyber Security to Welding.

Josh chose to enter one of the engineering competitions, saying he’s inspired by the variety CNC offers:

“One of the best aspects of CNC work is the endless possibilities it provides.

“You’re turning raw materials into critical engineering components. That process, that transformation, it gives you a sense of pride.”

With a sharp focus on time management, the competition required him to complete a technical online test and create an engineering component from a sketch.

Josh continues:

“It was a race against time. The competition was gruelling.

“Beyond creating the part, I also had to write a program for the part to be machined, all within a time frame of three hours.”

But the arduous journey to winning this award was not one he took alone. His mentors and peers at Burnley College provided a strong support system.

Josh highlights the importance of mentorship in his journey:

“Burnley College and Themis were instrumental in my journey. The knowledge and skills I gained from the college played a crucial role.

“Plus, the one-on-one training I received from the apprentice trainer at Fort Vale was pivotal.”

His employers at Fort Vale were equally as generous in their support:

“They’ve been incredible. They answered all my queries and even took time out of their schedules to cheer me on at the finals. That kind of support really motivated me.”

And this support paid off – when Josh won the silver medal, it was more than just an award. It was validation of his hard work and the culmination of teamwork and concerted efforts, which boosted his confidence and spurred him on to continue chasing excellence.

Today, Josh is training to be a technical sales engineer at Fort Vale.

Josh says he’s enjoying his new role and is working diligently towards gaining qualifications in mechanical engineering.

“I started with an apprenticeship because it provided a hands-on learning experience, an opportunity to work in the engineering industry, and mentorship from seasoned professionals. And now, I’m here, and I love what I do.”

Looking back, Josh says despite the pressure, he considers one of the major highlights during his Themis Apprenticeship was this opportunity, showcasing his skills on a nationwide platform.

So, would he recommend an Apprenticeship?

“Absolutely. The knowledge, skills, and life skills like communication and confidence that you gain are invaluable. Plus, in the engineering industry, you’re positively impacting the world with your contributions.”

Do you share Josh’s blend of passion, ambition and dedication? As a Themis Apprentice we are committed to giving you unwavering, individualized support. His journey is proof that with the right support and a willingness to learn, you can soar to new heights in your chosen field.

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