Next Level Leadership – Burnley College T Level Tutor selected to be Ambassador for innovative qualifications

Burnley College’s Health, Science and the Services Tutor is one of a select few in England to become a Department for Education T Level Ambassador.

Zoe Ashton, Lecturer in Health, Science and the Services was hand-selected for specialist training from tutors across the country.

Her role means she will be helping shape the future of T Levels as she regularly reports back to the Department for Education on strategies and successes.

T Levels are a new qualification, aiming to combine expert-teaching with industry-leading work placements and are designed to develop the skills of students who combine knowledge with workplace-ready skills.

With a background in midwifery and working for the NHS, Zoe is passionate about enabling her students to fulfil their career goals, and so jumped at the opportunity to gain more skills and knowledge herself:

“I’m so proud to have been selected for such a prestigious position. I’m passionate about T Levels and we’ve seen such success already here at the College.

“To be able to feedback right to the people at the very top how we feel these qualifications should develop and expand over the coming years.

“What’s even more valuable is just how much it’s making me think about my role in providing the best education for our students.
“It’s really been a boost to my confidence, making me realise I have the skills and the knowledge to provide personalised, individualised support for everyone and to help shape the future.”

T Levels are Further Education technical qualification students can complete after GCSEs and are the equivalent to three A Levels.

They can allow you to progress into higher education like university, apprenticeships or directly into employment within your chosen sector.

T levels have been developed with industry experts to expand knowledge, skills and behaviours ensuring students are able to meet the needs of industry effectively.

They offer students a mixture of classroom learning and industry experience during a workplace placement of at least 315 hours, or around 45 days, helping students take their skills and knowledge to the next level and gain valuable sector-specific experience.
Zoe says her students are now really starting to see results:

“In the world of Health Education, T Levels are so valuable in providing a direct pipeline for employers of people with the right skills and knowledge with the benefit of already being workplace experienced.

“To be a student working side-by-side with midwifes, nurses and other professionals is such a powerful way to learn.

“It’s also about progression. We have multiple students who have offers from leading universities so they can continue on into higher education when they complete their course.”

Burnley College has always been at the forefront of innovation in education and with T Levels growing in popularity, there’s never been a better time to consider College study, whatever your age.

Do you have a passion to work in the world of health and science? Do you want to find out more about T Levels and how they can boost your employability?
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