RKMS Group and ADIPS Unveil Groundbreaking Partnership for Amusement Industry Safety

John Keen speaking at ADIPS conference

ADIPS and RKMS announce partnership for IB audits

ADIPS and RKMS today announced a partnership to deliver a comprehensive auditing programme for inspection bodies in the amusements industry.

Established in 1994, RKMS is a leading training and consultancy business that brings a wealth of experience in providing compliance audits and support to some of the UK’s largest organisations, from Merlin Entertainments to Nissan UK. The Blackpool-based company’s current and past client list in the sector also includes Blackpool Pleasure Beach and Sandcastle Waterpark.

It now teams up with ADIPS, the UK amusement industry’s leading safety standards scheme, to deliver world class compliance audits and support for ADIPS inspections bodies nationwide.

With extensive contacts in the engineering and statutory inspection sector, RKMS has partnered with existing customers to provide expert support in mechanical, electrical and non-destructive testing of amusement devices.

John Keen, CEO of RKMS (pictured), said: “RKMS are delighted to partner with ADIPS on this prestigious project. We will be able to provide an effective, thorough but fair assessment of the inspection process for amusement devices and look forward to developing a working relationship with the various inspection bodies aligned with ADIPS.”

ADIPS General Manager Carl Hagemann said: “ADIPS is delighted to enter into a partnership with one of the country’s leading auditing companies. RKMS has a proven track record of delivering a high quality compliance service and together we will work with IBs to enhance safety standards for amusement devices on our theme parks, fairgrounds and piers, and our outdoor events. This really is a fantastic step forward not only for ADIPS, but for the amusements industry as a whole.”


ADIPS, the Amusement Device Inspection Procedures Scheme, serves as the adopted standard for inspecting and certifying fairground rides and amusement devices within the industry. Formed by major trade associations in collaboration with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), ADIPS aims to enhance safety standards and instill public confidence.

Previously, the industry lacked a unified standard, leading to varied inspection practices and a lack of oversight. This prompted the creation of ADIPS to ensure that fairground rides are operated and maintained properly and safely.

Health and safety laws mandate regular inspections by competent individuals, but the specifics were unclear. In response, major trade associations, with input from the HSE, developed clear inspection procedures for amusement devices, resulting in the establishment of ADIPS as the national scheme for inspection and certification.

Registered inspection bodies (IBs) conduct ADIPS inspections, ensuring their competence through ongoing assessment. The outcome of a successful inspection is a Declaration of Operational Compliance (DOC), serving as a guarantee that the device has been certified as safe to operate by an independent and competent IB.

ADIPS is managed by the Amusement Device Safety Council (ADSC), comprising representatives from major trade associations, and operated by ADIPS Ltd., a not-for-profit company. Any surplus generated by ADIPS Ltd. is reinvested to improve services or enhance health and safety standards in the industry.

For further information on ADIPS, visit their website adips.co.uk

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