Unlocking Operational Excellence: A Visionary Approach

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By Nick Osborne, Managing Director of PEAK Visual Management


I am keenly aware of the unique safety challenges that arise from FOD (Foreign Object Debris) and its potential to compromise the integrity of aerospace components and systems. As the industry continually strives for perfection, understanding and mitigating the risks posed by FOD are paramount. In this critical area, implementing rigorous protocols and innovative solutions safeguards against potentially catastrophic consequences.

Added to this challenge is the industry’s recovery from disrupted supply chains due to COVID-19 and geopolitical tensions. Prioritising safety, precision, and efficiency is crucial for smart manufacturing and the need for more resilient and adaptive approaches to respond swiftly in challenging environments.

With years of experience as a Production Engineer at Toyota Motor Manufacturing UK and Lean Consultancy, I founded PEAK VM in 2009 to provide Visual Management Solutions that elevate safety, efficiency, and excellence.

At PEAK VM, our commitment to operational excellence is not just a mission statement; but a tangible reality. Our solutions are trusted by leading players, such as Rolls Royce and Safran, to mitigate FOD and transform their production landscapes.

To help optimise workflows and ensure the safety and longevity of critical aerospace components, here are my key Visual Management solutions:


Shadow Boards

Efficient organisation and ready access to essential tools are vital to the smooth operation of production lines. Shadow Boards offer a dedicated storage space for tools and equipment, mitigating the risk of misplacement and ensuring swift access when required. Commonly employed in industrial and manufacturing environments, these boards feature outlines or “shadows” corresponding to specific tools, aiding employees in quickly identifying missing items and ensuring each tool has an assigned and easily recognisable location.

Positioned on a wall near the work area, these boards often utilise colour-coding or labelling for enhanced clarity. In an industry where precision is paramount, the ability to locate and deploy tools swiftly can make all the difference, optimising workflows, minimising downtime, and enhancing overall equipment effectiveness.


Foam Inserts

Foam Inserts play a crucial role by providing effective protection and organisation for delicate parts and components. This lightweight and durable foam material is used to create customised inserts tailored to the specific shapes and dimensions of various aircraft parts. They are precision-cut to snugly fit within containers or cases, securing the parts during transit and storage.

The foam’s shock-absorbing properties safeguard components from damage caused by impact or vibration, ensuring the integrity of critical aerospace parts. This not only safeguards the quality of the components but also contributes to cost savings by reducing the need for replacements.

Visual Management Solutions are the silent orchestrators of Lean processes. From enhancing the overall safety and longevity of components to optimising production processes by reducing the risk of damage and facilitating a more organised and productive work environment, these visual aids steer organisations towards operational excellence.

As the industry continues to rapidly evolve, embracing these solutions becomes not just a choice but strategically imperative for propelling manufacturing environments to new levels of efficiency, quality and safety.

To review or unlock operational efficiencies, schedule a 30-minute no-obligation consultation with our experts and explore how PEAK VM can facilitate your Lean journey. Visit us at www.peakvm.co.uk.

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